I provide legal advice and representation in three main areas:


Criminal Law


I act as a criminal defense lawyer, mostly – on the basis of my long-standing experience with the underlying business situations and the kind of people regularly involved – in the areas of white collar crime and the prosecution of tax offenses, often in an international setting.  However, I also defend in general criminal matters, including severe crimes.  This includes the impact a criminal proceeding may have on other areas of life, such as employment or service contracts, public office, licenses, residence permits or rights of custody, pensions, or general questions concerning the freezing or confiscation of property.  In so-called "internal investigations", I often represent employees, directors, or other members of management.


Business Law 


On behalf of clients, I work on matters concerning business-related civil law as well as typical private and public business law – such as commercial and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, banking, finance, and capital markets law, AML and CTF compliance, competition and procurement law, and administrative law relating to businesses – including their consequences under applicable tax laws. 


Strategic and Conceptual Litigation 


I represent clients in court or administrative proceedings which are meaningful to them because they enter new, uncharted legal territory and often have a strategic importance beyond the case at hand, e. g. so-called test cases or cases which are meant to influence the legal development in a certain area.  When pursued, these are "hard cases" in the best sense, which certainly require an innovative, tactically and strategically careful approach in order for the new precedent to constitute "good law", and not the proverbial "bad" one. 


Information regarding some of the principles of my practice you will find here