Sound Efficiency


Large units, employing a multitude of staff in various, prestigious locations are in no way a guarantee for necessity-oriented, dedicated and efficient legal work at reasonable prices.  Neither long-winded, convoluted and protracted operations, nor center-staged, hectical actionism make up for solid, capable and technically correct handling of cases.  Clients should compensate their lawyers for well-thought-out action, not garrulous bustle.  


Structural Innovation 


Clients have a right to candid assessment of the chances they stand before courts and administrative bodies, as well as vis-à-vis their negotiation partners.  Yet sometimes it is necessary to take a well-considered, calculated risk in order to secure success in the long run.  In today's fast-paced legal business, thorough analysis is frequently underrated.  Yet, it is often promising to purposefully seek out new arenas and a novel weaponry of legal battle, to try and reach the desired goal through a planned and controlled change in case law, administrative practice or contractual agreement.  




The costs of legal advice and representation need to be discussed early on.

I usually bill for my services by way of an hourly fee, and on the basis of a written fee agreement.  In certain instances, billing can be done on the basis of the Federal Lawyers' Compensation Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz).  All agreements between me and my clients are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.




The identity of my clients is confidential in the same way as is the remainder of any attorney-client-relationship.  As a general rule, I do not make announcements or provide details of any kind concerning clients or cases towards the media.  


Information regarding the organization of my offices you will find here.